Environmental Site Clean-up

Environmental Site Clean-up  (Including Nuclear, Mine Contamination & Tar-ponds) 
Site Cleanup

The cation exchange capability of natural zeolite makes it  highly suitable for the cleanup of oil, diesel, and gasoline spills; PCBs; soluble heavy metals such as mercury, chromium; lead, zinc, arsenic, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, antimony, silver, and uranium from water; organically polluted water; acid mine drainage; smelter slags; metal contaminated blast sand; metal plating sludge; contaminated soils; solidification and stabilization of hazardous waste; oil refinery and oil field sludge; leach residues; batteries; (PCBs), possibly MTBE and various other organic toxins, as well as SR, Cs, and various other radioactive isotopes from nuclear waste.